Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Can I have a bucket of firewood in my living room even if I don't have a fire place?? This wood bucket is so sweet and cabin like I want it...fireplace or not.

This table from Wisteria is gorgeous. I love the color and the distressed look of it. It would be a great simple desk for the office. Sooo outta my price range right now but a girl can dream.


Jesse said...

I think you could totally do a faux fireplace! I can't wait to see your finished room!

Jayci said...

Get the bucket of wood. It's all about the way your finds and your room make you feel. (Sorry...I just found your blog while lookin' around :) Hope it's okay that I comment.)

Jess said...

Oh, I like that bucket of firewood, too. It is sweet.

And as for that table... I don't know how into vintage or antique shops you are, but I think you should check some out. I see distressed tables all the time...and I just love the charm of old furniture.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, btw. Your blog is lovely.